In our cycling centre we have prepared more than 22 km of routes for mountain bikers- 16 km of routes of varying difficulty wind on both sides of the Javorník ridge. You can use the "Dechovka" route or comfortably climb the mountain on a ski lift to get to there routes. From our routes, you can comfortably return to the starting point by the "Růžovka" route. Another 6 km of bike routes are directly connected with the ski lift and they are divided into three levels of difficulty. At the upper station of the ski lift you can warm up and practice your cycling skills using three simulators. "Hip Hop" will teach you how to jump on a bike, with "Garden" you will try out all the skills you need to have fun on climbs and when using "Pump" you will learn how to ride on uneven ground.
More information you can find on the website: https://peklak.cz/

Select the car park icon on the map and turn on your smartphone to navigate to this point - it will lead you to the parking space closest to the entrance gate.

Leaflet download (PDF):
Peklák Česká Třebová
Peklák Česká Třebová 2

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