Singletrack Glacensis

The project entitled Singletrack Glacensis is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Program Czech Republic - Poland

Singletrack Zdobnice

  • 10 km
  • 1,5 h
  • Family


Zdobnice singletrack - an extensive network of narrow, one-way bicycle routes, adapted to a pleasant ride in close contact with nature.
The routes along almost the entire length are winding, with variable slope angles - the essence of a pleasant ride.
More than 10 km of routes of varying degrees of difficulty will allow you to discover new places, unknown views, but also yourself - in the heart of the Orlickie Mountains.
The starting point is located by the fire tank in Zdobnice in the Orlickie Mountains - there is a training route, pump track, bicycle service station and e-bike charging station.

What you should know about our bike routes:

- they are for mountain bikers who can cope with riding in hilly and mountainous terrain,
- they are marked all the way through,
- they are unidirectional,
- they can be freely selected and combined,
- they are open from 1 April to 30 October- closed routes will be marked,
- always wear a safety helmet and gloves.

Description of the routes:

1. Pump track - when you go on the pump track you will learn how to ride your bike on a route with traverses and different slope angles.
2. Cvičný training route- 0.15 km - ideal for warming up before riding in difficult terrain.
3. Jelení route - 1.2 km - downhill section - high forest interspersed with dense bushes, a pleasant route of little difficulty.
4. Turtle (Želva) - 2.36 km - long uphill section - the only one in the network of routes. It will lead you to the Valčenka ridge at a really slow pace.
5. Rampušák - 2.04 km - downhill section - the wisdom of the winter mountain lord will lead you safely to the valley. This is the longest route with the highest slope angle and medium difficulty level.
6. Kačenka - 1.12 km - downhill section - Princess Kačenka is an energetic girl, expect a quick descent, full of curves. Average level of difficulty.
7. Snake (Żmijovka) - 1.23 km - downhill section - from the beginning it is a winding downhill section producing adrenaline in large quantities. Average level of difficulty.
8. Poucher route (Pytlácký) - 1.28 km - downhill section - the downhill section has never been so short and fast... requiring maximum concentration. Average level of difficulty.
9. Liaison route (Spojovací) - 0.65 km - the downhill section enables you to cross the Valčenka ridge. Low level of difficulty.

Select the car park icon on the map and turn on your smartphone to navigate to this point - it will lead you to the parking space closest to the entrance gate.

Leaflet download (PDF):
Singletrack Zdobnice
Singletrack Zdobnice 2

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