Church of st. Józefa, 19th century wooden building of the Skałki guest house, ul. Wojska Polskiego – Międzygórze

Międzygórze is a village and climate station located at an altitude of 570-750 m above sea level, situated at the foot of the Śnieżnik massif in the narrow valley of the Wilczka and the Bogorya stream, surrounded by the peaks of Smrekowiec, Igliczna, Jaworowa and Szeroka Kopa. The architecture that has survived to this day gives Międzygórze a lot of charm, and which makes it unique, resembles the buildings of Swiss or Norwegian mountain resorts.

The wooden church of St. Józefa in Międzygórze was erected in the center of the village in the years 1740–1742. We enter it up the stairs from ul. Polish army. Expanded in 1920, it retained Baroque features. There are balconies connected to the organ choir up to the half of the length of the nave. In the center of the sill there is a statue of St. Francis. Under the rainbow, the performance of St. Families, the work of Ignacy Klahr. The apse ends with an altar from around 1770 with a beautiful retable in the shape of a bouquet of leaves. In the center there is a picture of the patron with the Child. On the left, from the side of the nave, there is a side altar. Mother of God with the Child.

One of the attractions of Międzygórze are also rock formations on which you can practice rock climbing, such as: the Baszta rock over the waterfall, rocks in the Bogorya valley, Wilk rock, Goat Rocks.
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