Singletrack Glacensis

The project entitled Singletrack Glacensis is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Program Czech Republic - Poland

The Garden of Fairy Tales – Międzygórze

The Fairy Tale Garden in Międzygórze is located at an altitude of 780 m above sea level, between the Toczek and Igliczna mountains, along the yellow trail leading from Międzygórze to Maria Śnieżna.

Its area is 0.23 ha. The garden was established after World War I by a forest worker, Isidore Kriesten, who imaginatively created fairy-tale characters from tree roots, cones and bark and placed them near his house. He also planted many ornamental trees and shrubs there.

Visitors to the Fairy Tale Garden can not only admire the fairy-tale characters of Little Red Riding Hood, Matołek the Goat, Baba Yaga, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White with gnomes, Orphan Mary, the Wawel Dragon and many others, but also relax among trees, shrubs and flowers.
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